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Autism podcast for parents and teachers to support children with special needs

Autism podcast for parents and teachers to support children with special needs   Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to play the free autism podcast.   This is my very first podcast so your comments below would be greatly appreciated.   This 30 minute podcast explains what autism is and how to support children with autism.   If you would like to learn more about autism and ways to support children with
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Free autism training webinar anxiety behaviour

Free Autism Training Webinar – Anxiety and Behaviour   Thanks to My Special Child for having me present on one of your free online webinars.   Please share your feedback and questions below. We would love to hear from you and follow us on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/theneurorehabnetwork   READ MORE HERE   Products How to improve handwriting pincer grip – early learning fine motor skills letter formation development $4.50 $2.20 Early learning scissors – how
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Weighted Blanket Animals – autism meltdown management tools and resources

Weighted Blanket Animals – autism meltdown management tools and resources   I just love these weighted blanket animals from Wendy’s Weighted Blankets   Weighted blankets of 8 – 10% of your body weight can help provide your nervous system with proprioceptive sensory input that makes your nerves and muscles feel relaxed, loaded, and focused. Weighted blankets can help children who find it hard to sit still in class.   Weighted animals are fantastic because they

Sensory processing disorder – please think before you buy your next fidget sensory tool

Sensory processing disorder – toys and fidget tools from Australian small businesses   Sensory processing disorder can be confusing for family members, teachers, and support workers. Imagine how confusing it is for the person who is experiencing sensory processing challenges.   I have collated a list of local sensory fidget toy providers in Australia to help you learn more about how to match fidget aids to your sensory profile. This kit incorporates multiple senses for
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Helping students with ASD in the classroom

I’ve been working with students with autism in the classroom for a few years now and I have noticed a few small changes that can be made to make a HUGE difference for students with ASD. What we all need to keep in mind is that our brains need a certain amount of fidgeting to gain focus for learning. Some people bite their nails, click a pen, tap the table, play with their hair, itch,

What’s the big deal about visual schedules?

I’m sure if you’ve read about strategies for reducing anxiety at school and at home, you have come across the term visual schedules. Visual schedules for some feel like too much hard work, too much structure, and a time waster. But let me explain why visual schedules are so fantastic, and so warranted for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, etc. Imagine waking up in the morning, you look over at your clock and see the

Autism Behaviour management – we can’t see our improvement if we don’t measure it

Paperwork, spreadsheets and charts.   I know… you’re probably already rolling your eyes at the thought of more documentation. But there are some types of documentation that are crucial for behavioural therapists like me, to be able to do my job effectively.   As you may already know, I only get to see a snapshot of your day. This could be during the best time of day for you, or the worst time of day