What is sensory seeking – Why some children find it hard to sit still, bite their nails, pull at their hair, throw objects

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What is sensory seeking?

Online presentation video about sensory seeking, proprioception, sensory processing disorder, and the vestibular system


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This training session explains how our brain and nervous system understand the many sensations in our world around us and what may happen when our brain and nervous system are sending mixed messages about sensation.


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What’s covered in this session?

  • What are senses?
  • What are the types of senses?
  • How do we sense our world around us?
  • Why do some people sense their world differently to me?
  • How is autism and sensation related?
  • How does our sensory integration impact our behaviour?


Also included in this product are:

  • Anger management resources
  • Sensory breaks flashcards
  • Anxiety management resources


Why should I enrol this course?

  • This course will help you to better understand children who experience ‘sensory seeking’ and ‘sensory defensiveness’.
  • You may also learn more about why you bite your nails, grind your teeth, pick at your skin, click your pen, etc. (we all do it!)
  • You will be able to respond more appropriately to sensory behaviour and you will gain a different perspective about how children who may perceive their world around them differently to how we do.


What is the inspiration behind this course?

I have worked with many children and adults with significant sensory challenges. I find their behaviour intriguing from my studies in neuro-development, but I have also learnt to appreciate how frustrating it can be for them. I want to help every person feel safe, accepted and supported at their home, school, or work, so I am passionate about teaching people about how the brain works.


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