Anxiety can slow down learning and increase challenging behaviours – online course for how to help people with anxiety

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Anxiety can slow down learning and make it hard for us to think

how to stop anxiety tantrums at home


You know what it’s like. You’re worried about an upcoming appointment and you forget to eat, can’t find your keys, and feel emotional at the flick of a finger.

This video is jam packed full of fantastic information that is easy to understand and relatable to your world including:

  • why does our brain do strange things when we’re anxious
  • how can we calm our mind when we’re anxious

This course will teach you about the brain and how it responds to chronic stress and anxiety.

If you’re a teacher, couple this session with our Autism in the Classroom training program to learn how to support students with anxiety.

Our courses meet some of the APST Standards and can be used for CPD points
  • Standard 1.6 – Strategies to support full participation of learners with disability
  • Standard 3.5 – Use effective communication (with learners)

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This price includes complimentary email support if you have any questions about the content in this session.

This training session explains the incredible brain in detail for people with anxiety or a traumatic background.

Learn how the brain functions under stress, the basics about how our nervous system works, and how practice helps our brain develop and improve a skill (neuroplasticity)


Why should I enrol in this course?

This course will help you to better understand children who have experienced trauma or who have anxiety.

You will be able to respond more appropriately to anxious or aggressive behaviour and you will gain a different perspective about how children with anxiety may perceive their world around them.


What is the inspiration behind this course?

I was that student who was anxious, often distracted, unfocused, and a challenge to teacher.I am passionate about helping students to be better understood, accepted, and supported appropriately in the education system.You can make a huge difference to a child’s life. So please take time and care to get to know these children better.

If you don’t like this course, let us know why and you can have a money back guarantee.