Kindergarten Early Learning Friendship Gentle Hands Gentle Feet Social Story


Teach young children the importance of being ‘superfriends’ to encourage whole body listening, gentle hands, sharing, helping each other, etc.


Kindergarten Early Learning Social Story

This resource has been developed to teach young children how to be ‘superfriends’ and how to socialise in a safe and appropriate manner.

My 4 year old twins love to pretend that they are superheros, so the term superfriends works in their interest level and you can advance it by sharing stories where superheroes protect each other and look after each other.

We take for granted a child’s ability to social safely and appropriately. We assume that ‘they should know’ how to social appropriately but without knowing their social circumstances at home, medical history, neuroanatomy, we are unsure why they may be finding social engagement challenging.

This resource kit can help students and staff teach safe and appropriate social behaviour in an engaging and visual manner.


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