Autism Professional Development Online Workshop

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Autism Professional Development Online Workshop

for Teachers and Early Childhood Educators


Is there a child in your room who?

  • finds it hard to sit still

  • struggles to manage their big emotions

  • refuses to do particular task

  • has a fear of making a mistake

  • needs support to play with other children

  • often seen playing alone

  • ruins another child’s blocks or sand castle


If you answered yes to any of the points above, then this course is for you.


Once we understand why children might be doing these behaviours that are listed above, we then know what to do about it to make our room calmer.


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Often we find ourselves getting frustrated by the little things that our students do and this impacts our own work performance.

Enrol today to make your classroom calmer tomorrow.


This training session supports teachers, aides and carers who support children with autism, anxiety and trauma related health conditions.


autism classroom training online professional development VIT        online autism training for teachers how to support children with autism in the classroom


This lesson covers the following topics:

  • We all learn different

  • What is your learning style?

  • How does the brain learn?

  • Autism strategies in the classroom

    • for sitting still

    • maintaining concentration

    • reducing anxiety & meltdowns


This product also includes:

  • Training presentation handouts
  • Child motor development e-book
  • Visual Schedules
  • Anger management chart
  • Classroom communication resources


Our courses meet some of the APST Standards and can be used for CPD points

Standard 1.5 – Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of learners across the full range of abilities

Standard 1.6 – Strategies to support full participation of learners with disability

Standard 3.2 – Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

Standard 3.5 – Use effective communication (with learners)


Why should I enrol this course?

  • This course will help you to better understand children who have autism or experience anxiety.
  • You will be able to respond more appropriately to children with autism and your classroom will be more engaging, less stressful, and more appropriate to your student’s sensory needs.


What is the inspiration behind this course?


I am passionate about helping all students access educational support that suits their learning needs. I am also passionate about supporting teachers so that they aren’t experiencing anxiety at work.


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