Fidget Cubes Australia

Fidget Cubes Australia


Welcome to my Fidget Cubes Australia page.


I started admiring fidget cubes last year when I saw how many children were mesmerised by the fidget cubes functions and who also calmed down in a seated position when holding a fidget cube in their hand.


There is a debate about whether fidget cubes improve or hinder concentration. I believe that this depends solely on the system set up around the fidget cube use.


For example, I recommend for students to use fidget cubes during explicit learning sessions that don’t require full concentration. However, as soon as poor behaviour is displayed with the fidget cube the fidget cube is removed instantly. I also haveĀ  a few fidget cubes to share around in class so that students who have completed their classwork early or achieved desired classroom behaviour are rewarded with 5 minutes of the classroom fidget cube. Once 5 minutes is finished on the timer, the fidget cubes go back in to the drawer for the next superstar student to use a desirable reward.


On my website you will find a range of fidget cube colours and options. Please email me if you have any concerns [email protected]

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