E-Books for students with special needs, learning difficulties, ADHD, autism

E-Books for pupils with special needs – learn ways to support complex behaviors in the classroom

Over the many years that I have been educating teachers, parents, and principals, I have been encouraged to write my passion into books.

  1. How to improve fine motor skills for children who hate handwriting and using scissors

  2. What is child development and why is it so important for kids to crawl, spin, jump, and move?

  3. How to incorporate sensory play into a child’s day to promote their learning and improve their behaviour

  4. How to write IEP goals for pupils with special needs

If handwriting has become stressful. Grab a cuppa and flick through our E-Book

Read this book to improve pincer grip, hand strength, coordination, and confidence with writing.

This 53 page e-book teaches you and your child about why handwriting can be so complex and so frustrating.

This e-book also includes achievable fine motor skills games and activities to assist kids with handwriting, doing up buttons, and using utensils.


sensory integration e-book proprioception vestibular activities for kids

If you are tired of sensory meltdowns and can’t stand the stress any more… Grab a cuppa and flick through our E-Book

I wrote this e-book to help families and teachers understand why some children may experience sensory overload and show complex behaviours such as yelling, crying, hair pulling, hitting, kicking, refusing to brush their teeth, etc.

This e-book explains sensory processing in an easy to follow format and it provides activities for the whole family.

My goal for this e-book is to teach families how to connect again, just like they used to when their child was an infant. This e-book will also teach you how to smile, have fun, and create memories together in a sensory sensitive way

This book I am most passionate about.


what are infantile reflexes motor development milestones early learning educator professional development teacher education poster primary school resource

Every student who is finding classroom learning challenging should be tested for reflexes, coordination, and visual tracking by a qualified allied health professional to determine possibilities for why they may be having difficulties with reading and writing.

This e-book teaches you activities that take less than 1 minute and can show you why kids may be behaving differently in your classroom.

This e-book gives you the skills to ask the right questions at your next IEP meeting, GP appointment, or Paediatrician appointment.

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