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I am Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist, and Trainer.


I firstly completed a 4 year degree in Exercise Physiology where I majored in neuro-rehabilitation and biomechanics.


While studying my cousin had a stroke and I knew that I wanted to work with rehabilitation for brain injuries so for 3 years I worked in community health helping people with stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, etc.


I was then offered an opportunity to go to Sydney to an Autism Expo. This changed my life forever.


I studied a 2 year Masters in Disability Studies majoring in Autism and Communication Difficulties and this lead me in to Behavioural Therapy.


My kids changed my career path.


My most important role in my life is being a mum.


My kids have taught me more than any text book.


My ebooks have been written with my kids as students, models, and review critics.


I have become a better therapist, advocate, and educator thanks to my 3 children under 4.


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What makes me unique in my field is that:

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise.


My brain is different to others too. So I know what it feels like to be anxious, overwhelmed by the sensory environment, and have learning challenges.


My teachers are surprised that I ever made it to uni. But I proved them all wrong!


I have a desire to make kids understand that they have potential, that their brains can learn, and that they can contribute to school, no matter what health condition that they have.


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