Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist, and Education Trainer

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I am Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist, and Education Trainer.

I am a mother of 3 children (5 year old twins and a 1 year old), a wife to a husband who supports me 110%, a Beagle puppy owner (he looks cute and innocent after digging holes), a physical therapist for children and adults with severe disabilities, a passionate advocate for those who can’t speak, and a woman who puts her family and clients before her messy house

My kids changed my career path and taught me more than any text book ever did.

You will see photos of my family in all of my ebooks and course material.

My husband helped me to design 3D printed fidget toys and my kids are my best models and activity review critics.

I have become a better therapist, advocate, and educator thanks to my 3 children.
Testimonial: 'She just gets it'
Mother of child with autism
12 sided fidget cube toy tactile stimulation c
Check out our fidget toy store where we create 3D printed fidget toys, as well as stock fidget cubes, and tangle toys
fine motor skills activities for early childhood education special needs children developmental delay
I create a range of resources ready to print and develop gross and fine motor skills
Learn about how our seven senses may have an impact on our learning, focus, and anxiety.
fine motor skills handwriting development ebook
Handwriting is a huge stress for many students and teachers. But you can learn easy steps to train the brain and achieve results in the classroom.

What makes me unique in my field is that:

Not only do I have over 5 years of university study, but I am also easy to relate to and down to earth.

My brain is different to others too. So I know what it feels like to be anxious, overwhelmed by the sensory environment, and have learning challenges.

I have a desire to help kids understand that they have potential, that their brains can learn, and that they can contribute to school, no matter what health condition that they have.

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